Wednesday, 14 July 2010

short music video

We really enjoyed making this video. we think we should have created more footage as we do not have enough of it. We also don't have brilliant filming whichwe were disappointed about, we also feel that we weren't organized enough to create a good video, and didn't produce enough lip syncing for the video. We also feel that we should have more commitment, by having the whole group out instead of pressuring 2 members to act and then resulting in asking different people.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Music video

Salt N Pepa - Push It

The above videos have influenced us because we want to create an energetic music video and it attracts a wider audience.
we would produce our music video in the sports centre with lockers and gym equipment as we want to create a work out video like the above.

The girls will wear a leotard which will be very bright or fluorescent, matching ankle warmers and headband or short shorts with a tee and the boys will wear tights and shorts.
The girls will have a substantial amount of makeup on, fake tan and big hair.




Camera work.

We will be using lots of close up shots of body parts to add to the sex appeal, which attracts are target audience of teenagers.
We will be using mainly short duration shots to emphasize the energy and upbeat music video.

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